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This page is always under construction or undergoing changes and upgrades.  I have more things that I want to do with this page than I have time available.  Adding pictures, files, links, or ringtones (see hyperlinks at the top of the page).  Send me an e-mail for any requests.

My primary e-mail is listed below, and I also check my GMail often.  So, you have several options to contact me....

I try to update the recent events as often as possible.  But, with my busy schedule, sometimes I don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer.  




About Me

I live in Fairhope, Alabama.  I transferred from West Virginia for my employer Shell Oil Company.  I've been employed with Shell for approximately 17 years after graduating Marshall University.  I spend most of my time off all along the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm trying to live the rest of my life not more than 20 minutes from the nearest beach (except during a hurricane.) 

My FILES page is a collection of applications and data files which I use on a regular basis.  Rather than having to keep track of all the links, I've accumulated them her for quick access.  There are a few sections that are password protected.  E-mail me to request a password.

On the FILES page, their is a cell phone page with ringtones and graphics.  The instructions to transfer these to your phone are included on the page.  details

I'm switching over from my free geocities page, to this site.  This site gives me quite a bit more storage and bandwidth.   So, bear with me as I try to put everything together.  I'm still trying to figure out how to include all the pictures on this site.  I'm in the process of setting it up.  If it doesn't work right, or too slow, I'll have to try something else.

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